CDF's vision is to dismantle the Cradle to Prison Pipeline®crisis that leaves a Black boy born in 2001 with a one in three chance of going to prison in his lifetime and a Latino boy born the same year with a one in six chance of the same fate. CDF seeks to replace this pipeline to detention and mass incarceration with a powerful pathway to college and successful adulthood. Opportunity gaps begin at birth. CDF works to level the playing field through early intervention and prevention and by increasing supports and services (e.g., quality early childhood development, education and affordable, comprehensive health and mental health coverage) to these children and young people. Our work helps keep children in school and learning by reforming school discipline policies and practices and promoting positive school climates.

CDF-SRO sponsors events to educate teens and help them steer clear of behavior that can lead them down the wrong paths, and the office has held statewide Cradle to Prison Pipeline convenings with community activists, parents, students, advocates and educators to discuss solutions to dismantle this vicious cycle that affects so many children in the southern region.

Learn how child advocates like you can help dismantle the Cradle to Prison Pipeline crisis that affects our children.