Child Welfare

CDF-SRO works to ensure children can enjoy growing up in safe and happy homes. One of our partners, Mississippi Families For Kids, helps find permanent homes for children in Mississippi — especially those living in foster homes. Learn about adopting a child here.

CDF-SRO strives to give every child a Safe Start in a permanent nurturing family and community and works in collaboration with other national, state and local advocates and organizations to promote policies and promising systemic and programmatic approaches that strengthen and support children and families, prevent crises from occurring, and help ensure children safe, permanent families. You'll find data and other information about child welfare issues in CDF's The State of America's Children® report which is a compilation of the most recent and reliable national and state-by-state data on key child indicators, including child welfare.

Promising Approaches

Supporting approaches that prevent child maltreatment, keep children safely at home and, when children must enter foster care, move them promptly back home to their own families or to new permanent families through kinship care or adoption.

There are a range of programs, strategies and system reform approaches intended to prevent children from being abused, neglected or involved in the child welfare system. In cases where children have been mistreated, efforts are targeted at keeping them safely with their own or in other permanent families, through kinship care or adoption, and on a path to productive adulthood. These “promising approaches” offer children better experiences and opportunities. We are working to bridge the gap between the promising approaches in prevention and intervention being implemented with discussions on policy improvements at the federal level.

Data and Resources

Federal data sources and CDF publications relevant to child maltreatment and other child welfare concerns.

CDF uses the latest statistics compiled by the federal government to track national and state level data on child maltreatment, foster care and other relevant child welfare activities to assess trends and identify areas for improving the outcomes of children involved in the child welfare system.

Get the data and resources you need.

Family and Advocate Resources

Treatment for Abuse

The Blair E. Batson Hospital Child Abuse Referral and Examination (CARE) Clinic's staff at the Children's Justice Center (CJC) provides non-traumatic medical examinations and treatment for physically abused, neglected and /or sexually abused children. Cases are referred to the CARE Clinic from child advocacy centers, the Department of Human Services or local law enforcement agencies. Staff members are trained child abuse professionals with extensive medical, courtroom and investigative experience in child maltreatment. Call 601.815.0115 to make an appointment for a forensic examination or for a consultation. The CJC is located at the Jackson Medical Mall in Jackson, Mississippi. Need directions?