Priority: Ensure Adequate Education Funding So Every Child Can Read at Grade Level.

The Problem:

Today, more than 8 of every 10 Black and Hispanic fourth graders and almost 6 out of every 10 White fourth graders in our public schools cannot read at grade level. Those unable to read well are at high risk of grade repetition and dropping out of school.

Why It Matters:

Attainment of a high school diploma is the single most effective preventive strategy against adult poverty. Yet the U.S. has the sixth lowest high school graduation rate among the 26 industrialized market economies.

  • American 15 year olds rank 17th among industrialized countries in Reading;
  • American 15 year olds rank 31st among industrialized countries in Math;
  • American 15 year olds rank 23rd among industrialized countries in Science.

What Must Be Done:

To help each child reach his/her full potential and succeed in work and life, we need to ensure our schools have adequate resources to provide high-quality education to every child.

Learn more about CDF-SRO's efforts to increase education funding and ensure all children in the Southern Region receive high-quality education.