For more than 40 years, CDF has worked closely with state and local child advocates as well as national and state organizations serving children to level the playing field for children through a variety of campaigns and initiatives. Our current programs build upon CDF's long legacy of success by empowering communities and advocates to create the change our children urgently need. CDF-SRO is committed to educating the public and providing them with the necessary tools to influence state legislatures to improve the lives of children.

Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative for Social and Economic Justice

The Southern Rural Black Women's Initiative for Economic and Social Justice (SRBWI), advocates for women in the impoverished former plantation areas of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. SRBWI works at the grassroots level to stimulate businesses, build networks of leaders and support public policies that help families and communities. Since its beginning in 2001, SRBWI has collaborated with women to create and pursue solutions to poverty and injustice, increase control over their own lives and participate in economic development activities. Through its work with more than 1,000 women in 77 persistently poor counties, SRBWI has adopted a dynamic approach to changing the lives and prospects of rural Black women in the South.

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Supporting Partnership to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK)

Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK) is a national initiative of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation that helps communities allocate resources to better prepare children for entering elementary school. CDF-SRO is the grantee for SPARK Mississippi, a $5 million program that targets over 1,000 Mississippi children ages 3 to 8 who are vulnerable to poor academic achievement. To help these children master skills and receive the cognitive, physical, family and community support necessary for success, SPARK Mississippi brings together parents, school officials, child care and early education providers, child advocacy groups, Head Start providers and state and local government agencies.

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CDF Freedom Schools® Program

CDF Freedom Schools are research based and multicultural summer programs that help children and youth fall in love with reading, boost self-esteem, and generate more positive attitudes toward learning. We partner with families, caring community leaders, and credible organizations throughout the southern region to create a safe nurturing learning environment that encourages children and teens to believe in their ability to make a difference in themselves and in their families, schools, communities, country, and world with hope, education and action.

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Faith-Based Action Programs

Religious people and organizations—with millions of members, deep roots in communities across the country, a history of caring for children, and moral authority—are indispensable to building a successful Leave No Child Behind® movement.

With our collective voice, followed by concrete action, we do not just make small changes. We change the community. We change the nation. We change the lives and improve the odds for all children.

Join us at CDF Haley Farm for the the 21st annual Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry from July 20-24, 2015 as we renew our spirits, refocus our vision, and strengthen the movement for all children in America. Register today!

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Youth Development and Leadership

Policy in action is a distinguishing CDF characteristic. Through nationwide initiatives and community-based programs, we plant the seeds to develop the next generation of servant-leaders who will continue to reweave the fabric of community for children and youth. Our vision is to create a successor generation of servant-leaders who will drive community and national transformations and inspire and make long-term improvements for children.

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